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Ali Ahmad Awan

Ali Ahmad Awan is Social Media Celebrity, one of the youngest Motivational Speaker & Human Potential Speaker of Pakistan. Ali strongly influences youngsters and urges them to succeed. Ali uses the power of advanced technology to transform lives, communicate ideas & thoughts which lead to great innovations. Ali firmly believes that knowledge is to be shared. He is an avid reader of Human Psychology and is keen to read self-help books every day. He advocates a better way of responding to disappointments and frustration One of the Most Subscribed Youngsters of Pakistan on Youtube. Ali Ahmad Awan’s Channel is *Subscribed* by  100,000+People on Youtube. 
Awards: - Youth Icon Award 2018 by Govt of Punjab - Best Young Social Media Activist Award - Best Outstanding Achievement Award - Social Media Leader Award - Instagram Influencer Award 
Success Story of Ali Ahmad Awan got Featured on Top TV Channels of Pakistan including ARY News, 92 News HD, Aaj News, Neo TV, GNN News, UET News &…