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Ali Ahmad Awan is Social Media Celebrity, Youngest Self-Help Book Author, Tedx Speaker, Youngest Motivational Speaker, Budding Psychologist & Human Potential Speaker of Pakistan. If you were to look up in the dictionary what a powerful communicator is you should probably find Ali Ahmad Awan as its definition. When you see Ali at work he reaches beyond the physical and speaks straight to the soul. He knows how to stir it, move it and set it free. That’s what he does. He sets people free. He oozes his love of others from every ounce of his being. His sole purpose in life is to improve the lives of others and bring them to living lives of true passion, operating from levels higher than they ever thought manageable. Ali Ahmad Awan is the true master of peak performance. With his in-depth knowledge of the psychology of the mind and human behavior, he brings such energy and vigor to all his teachings and outstanding results.  Ali strongly influences youngsters and urges them to succeed. He uses the power of advanced technology to transform lives, communicate ideas & thoughts which lead to great innovations. Ali firmly believes that knowledge is to be shared. He is an avid reader of Human Psychology and is keen to read self-help books every day. He advocates a better way of responding to disappointments and frustration.

Ali Ahmad Awan will energize your world and teach you new unassailable techniques and tools for living a peak performance life. You can tell upon your initial connection with Ali that he is a lifelong learner and it shows: this guy knows his stuff!  Ali’s outstanding, cutting-edge body of excellent work speaks for itself and stands as the benchmark in the personal development field. And he delivers it with such panache, enthusiasm and professionalism that you’ll be clamoring for more – because it works! Ali Ahmad Awan is not a ‘motivation speaker’ – he’s far more – he provides you with practical and usable, step by step Peak performance systems to grow into the best person you can be.

Ali Ahmad Awan’s speeches have touched millions of people’s hearts around the world.
He has helped so many people to get back on the right track. His seminars, books and products are full of passion and commitment for helping others.
truly recommend his seminars, books and products and use every chance to meet him. He is widely acknowledged and respected for both his lectures and publishing. He is a continued driving force behind some truly fantastic ideas and innovation. Ali Ahmad Awan has a special energy that draws people towards him, and a talent at taking people on a journey of digital learning, understanding & realization. He is quite simply the personification of a true leader. He has the innate ability to engage, inspire and resonate with anyone off or online. He strives to listen to challenges and find better ways for humanity to work, live and thrive together. Ali Ahmad Awan also provides excellent insights to reinforce positioning in social media. He is an embodiment of saying yes to life! Ali started motivating people through different platform. He frequently reminds his audiences that people become what they think about most of the time. He always proves that nothing is impossible for a willing heart. Ali seems to be a true believer in his parent’s words that the Faith makes everything possible and he is now the example of this life changing quote. Ali firmly believes that knowledge is to be shared.

Ali is keen to read self-help books every day. He advocates a better way of responding to disappointments and frustration. Ali says: “We are responsible for all the negative things in our lives because we attract negative things by thinking negative”. One cannot appreciate light until he has tasted darkness. Many youngsters idealize him. He excels the art of helping people find that missing spark in life and the urge to bring a change. A change that will move you to new levels of success and serenity of mind and soul. He courageously advocates intellectual optimism to not be restricted in thoughts. Ali says that many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at. Ali entertainingly discusses failures and gives tips to overcome them. Indeed, he is an uplifting personality. He always brings out best in people. After being through his motivational words, one feels raised on the standards of personality development!